On-Grid Solar


The grid-tied system keeps your home connected to the grid despite having a green source of energy. Its advantages include:

1. More economical
The grid-tied system will allow you to have more savings because it is efficient, it offers net metering, and it requires a low cost of equipment and installation. It does not require the use of batteries, which are usually expensive. Moreover, since there are no batteries, maintenance cost is kept at a minimum. Overall, the grid-tied system is cheap to install and keep.

2. The grid serves as your virtual battery
Electricity is a resource that should be consumed in real time. However, this is not always the case so there is often a need to store it someplace else before using it. With the grid-tied system, the entire grid serves as your virtual battery where excess electricity can be kept temporarily. Since the grid works as a battery and there really is no inefficient battery involved, virtually nothing goes to waste in this system.


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