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The company staff has 7 years of experience in Armenia's solar energy industry.Solar energy development in Armenia has also become possible thanks to our efforts, for which we are very proud.
In 2012, the field of renewable energy was covered by the foundation of Arpi Solar, the founders of which were the Chobanyan brothers.

freenergy director

Ararat Chobanyan, founder and director

In 2012, he founded Arpi Solar, and until 2018 he was the CEO of the organization. In 2018, he founded the Freenergy Company. In 2017, he managed and successfully built the first 1 MW solar power plant in Armenia.

✓ 2012 Introduction to Solar Energy Industry in Armenia:
✓ 2012 First Solar Water Heater Installation
✓ 2013 First Solar Terminal Loan
Installation of the first photovoltaic power plant in 2014
✓ 2015 Creation of the First Professional Education Program on Solar Energy Specialist
✓ 2017 Creation of Solar Energy Awareness Center
✓ 2017 Design and construction of the first 1MW power plant
✓ 2018 Establishment of a new organization
✓ 2018 Solar Technology Specialist in at least 3 educational institutions
✓ 2019 Establishment of offices in all regions
✓ 2019 Establishment of Production in Armenia:
✓ 2019 Establishment of the first overseas offices
✓ 2019 Introduction of solar technicians in 3 more educational institutions
✓ 2020 10,000th predecessor
✓ 2020 Introduction to solar technology in 5 more educational institutions
✓ 2020 Creation of the first fully-fledged solar community

freenergy residental solution


Taking into consideration that solar energy has a great potential in Armenia and gas and electricity prices are continuously growing, modern technologies that are safer and more efficient make solar energy more relevant in Armenia. Technologies are calling every day, and the Freenergy Company has made them accessible to private, business, and greenhouses, reducing costs and independence from traditional energy sources and supporting the transition to environmentally cleaner and safer systems.
Freenergy co-operates with top-10 solar systems worldwide to ensure best price-quality ratio.

Get your solar station calculation

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Individual solar stations are calculated for the needs of the family by providing electricity, hot water and heating.

solar for business


There is no need to pay for electricity, hot water and heating.

solar farm

Solar power plants are an excellent solution for any business, not only to save energy costs, but also to increase competitiveness and business security.


Solar station can be purchased on credit. The client will pay for the loan as much as for utility payments

Annual Percentage Rate - 8,9 %, in AMD

Up to 10 years


On-site loan issuance


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