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Off-grid solar PV systems

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Off-grid solar systems

are not connected to ENA, they store electricity in batteries

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for electricity generation

Designed for places where there are no electricity sources (farms, pumping stations, etc.)

1. Solar panel 2. Charge controller 3. Battery 4. Inverter


When the house is without electricity, the most convenient option is to choose this system. It is almost the same as the on-grid system, except that it can work at the absence of a network, and the electricity will be stored in batteries.

1 ․ There are no long wires. It is more convenient than a wired grid system.

2․ Your home or building becomes energy sufficient. Due to the accumulator batteries, as much electricity is accumulated in the network as is needed for consumption during the day. The system is safe especially from the viewpoint that power network outages are not an obstacle.

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